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Sales and Customer Service Training Courses

Which Sales and Customer Service course is right for you?


Standard Sales and Customer Service Courses

Improving Customer Service


Negotiation Skills

This course is designed to provide a framework of the skills necessary for the planning and implementation of successful negotiation.

Practical Skills in Customer Care

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the “hands-on” skills and methods required of staff working in a customer-orientated environment. Each topic will be investigated, with practical examples and scenarios allowing the delegates to relate the recommended techniques to their working environment.

Presentation Skills 1 day

This one day workshop is suitable for anyone who has to deliver presentations on a one-to-one or group basis. It teaches delegates the essential skills necessary to plan and build presentations, then to deliver them in the most effective way.

Presentation Skills

The course offers the delegate the opportunity to analyse and practice the skills required to research, prepare and deliver effective presentations, and to acquire the necessary confidence and delivery techniques

Telephone Techniques

The telephone is your customer's lifeline to your company. Yet although it provides fast and relatively inexpensive communication, it is a medium that is impersonal -- and switchboard and other telephone staff must be able to prevent negative behaviour on both sides.

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