Train the Trainer

2 days


This Course is designed examine the techniques and disciplines required by those who have a training role. Communication and key tutoring skills are investigated and developed. The course will include practical exercises and training sessions

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning and preparation of a topic, including the use of user-friendly and interesting course material
  • Investigating and identifying different training styles and creating sessions and role-play
  • Testing and evaluating the learning process

Who Should Attend

Anyone who’s job role includes carrying out formal training sessions


No prior experience in project management is assumed

Course Outline

Day 1

    Planning a Course

    • Focusing on the Contents of a Course
    • Determining Training Objectives
    • Deciding on the Training Medium
    • Establishing Durations for Activities
    • Investigating Techniques and Training Styles
    • Building in Reviews and Summaries
    • Training Skills
    • Introductions
    • Who are you?
    • First Impressions – Lasting Impressions
    • Constructing Sessions
    • Understanding the Knowledge Base
    • Knowing How to Teach – Let Them Learn!

    Day 2

      Course Delivery

      • Learning to: Analyse, Demonstrate, Explain, Practice and Test
      • Communicating with Your Audience
      • Pacing and Evaluating
      • Overload – learn what’s needed, what’s wanted and what could be learnt
      • Praise – Don’t Patronise!
      • Dealing with Difficult Situations
      • Handling Role Play and Sessions