Interpersonal Skills

1 day


This course is designed to enable help desk staff to analyse their role and identify the attributes, skills and knowledge required to fulfil their responsibilities effectively

Course Contents

  • Identification and Analysis
  • Underlying Principles of Customer Service Support
  • Identifying and Defining the Psychological and Practical Needs of the Client
  • Anxiety Levels – Gaining Credibility and Trust
  • Helping the Client to Express Issues
  • Setting Suitable Customer Expectations

Who Should Attend

Anyone whose responsibilities incorporate customer receptiveness to solutions, distance-support to client problems, which require efficient listening and explanatory skills


No prior experience is assumed

Course Outline


  • Efficient and Effective Listening Methods
  • Understanding and Utilising Telephone Techniques
  • Dealing Effectively with Irritated Clients
  • Involving Clients in Problem Solving
  • Communicating Negative Information Positively


  • Resolving Complaints
  • Compartmentalising Multifaceted Problems
  • Ensuring Client Respect and Satisfaction
  • Promoting Adequate and Appropriate Self-Sufficiency

Lessons Learnt

  • Set Appropriate Client Expectations
  • Communicate Effectively with the Client
  • Diffuse Anxiety Levels
  • Deal Professionally with Frustrated Customers
  • Reduce Miscommunication
  • Endorse Credibility and User Confidence