Personal Effectiveness

2 days


This course provides methods and techniques that will allow the individual to develop personal, communication and priority skills, to enable the delegate to work efficiently and effectively with colleagues, management and clients.

Skills Gained

  • Identify and maximise working methods both as an individual and a team-player
  • Develop and improve decision-making skills
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the benefits of assertive
  • Apply a methodical and effective approach to problem solving and decision-making
  • Organise personal time efficiently

Course Outline

Day 1

    Effectiveness in the Work Environment

    • Behaviour patterns and categories
    • Life positions
    • Team contribution

    Reading Communication

    • Different modes and motives of communication
    • Written, verbal, and visual communication
    • Identifying and understanding communication barriers
    • Interactive speech
    • Action planning for constructive dialogue

    Assertiveness Techniques

    • Approach analysis
    • Behavioural techniques
    • Identifying and managing conflict
    • Open dialogue method
    • Overcoming barriers

    Day 2

      Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

      • Identifying and prioritising objectives
      • Creative and conceptual thinking
      • Risk awareness
      • Positive vs. negative

      Time Management and Organisational Skills

      • Personal planning principles
      • Goal and priority setting
      • Time-savers and time-bandits

      Practical Session