Communication Skills

1 day


The course provides a framework in which the various techniques of written and verbal communication can be applied to express ideas clearly and effectively, and organise information efficiently, by gaining the following skills:

  • Identify and acknowledge body language
  • Develop and improve listening skills
  • Understand and utilise voice projection/variation
  • Know how to write what you intend to say
  • Ensuring credibility

Course Outline

Body Language

  • Understanding and identifying non-verbal communication
  • Overcoming visual, social and perceived barriers
  • Interpreting messages to hear what isn’t being said
  • Using body language to avoid or disperse hostility

Listening Techniques

  • Using silence to find out more information
  • Interpreting messages to hear what isn’t being said
  • Identify when lack of listening can cause misunderstandings and confusion

Speaking Effectively

  • Using voice projection, tone and body language to communicate more convincingly
  • Learning how to invite and encourage dialogue
  • Understanding how to strategically control communication

Written Communication

  • Planning written communication
  • Identifying and targeting recipients
  • Outlining and structuring reports
  • Making written communication clear, effective and concise
  • Use of words and structuring sentences to compliment the knowledge of the reade


  • Understanding and maximising perceived competence and character
  • Ensuring recipients know exactly what you expect of them
  • Investigating techniques for ensuring constructive criticism
  • Identifying methods for effectively communicating unpopular decisions