1 day

Course Aims

On this one-day course, delegates will be given a range of tools to assert themselves in a wide range of situations, to boost confidence and improve relationships.

About Assertiveness

  • Defining different types of behaviour
  • Recognising behaviours in others

Causes and effects of behaviour types

  • How behaviour impact others
  • Benefits and problems caused by different behaviours
  • Identifying your own behaviour


  • How communication works
  • Ways of Communicating
  • Identifying communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting your communication style right
  • Thinking right, thinking positively
  • Your rights and responsibilities

Body language and assertiveness

  • Is your body language letting you down?

Stating your views clearly

  • Using assertive language
  • The Three Step approach to being assertive
  • Developing assertiveness skills through practise

More assertiveness techniques

  • How to say ‘no’
  • Tips for making requests

Handling difficult situations

  • How to handle aggression from others
  • Applying assertiveness to your role and workload