Presentation Skills

2 days


The course offers the delegate the opportunity to analyse and practice the skills required to research,
prepare and deliver effective presentations, and to acquire the necessary confidence and delivery techniques

Learning Outcomes

  • Organising and outlining a presentation
  • Identifying and targeting the audience
  • Determining and developing an effective presentation style
  • Identifying and utilising different presentation tools
  • Controlling and guiding the audience

Who Should Attend

Anyone whose job role requires them to prepare and deliver presentations


No prior experience is assumed

Course Outline

Day 1

    Planning a Presentation

    • Defining Objectives and Content
    • Identifying the Audience
    • Targeting a Specific Audience
    • Outlining and Detailing the Presentation Content
    • Preparing Notes and Prompts

    Presentation Techniques

    • Examining Personal Styles
    • Using Body Language
    • Overcoming Barriers
    • Voice Projection
    • Variation and Emphasis
    • Avoiding Jargon
    • The Benefits of Rehearsing

    Day 2

      Audience Control

      • Questioning Techniques and Control
      • Dealing with Objections
      • Avoiding Awkward Situations
      • Building Rapport
      • Pre-empting and Analysing of Feedback
      • Creating an Interactive Audience

      Use of Presentation Tools

      • Understanding the Purpose of the Presentation Tools
      • Props not “Props”
      • Ensuring Variety and Effect
      • Quick Thinking and Improvisation

      Practical Session