Negotiation Skills

2 days


This course is designed to provide a framework of the skills necessary for the planning and implementation of successful negotiation

Skills Gained

  • Understanding the aims of the negotiation process
  • Assessing the implications of negotiation
  • Analysing and maximising personal negotiation styles
  • Building better teams through negotiation

Course Outline

Day 1

    The Negotiation Process

    • Defining and planning objectives
    • Agreeing a negotiation strategy
    • Establishing your own BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
    • Setting and meeting expectations
    • Ensuring beliefs and assumptions of both parties
    • Identifying areas of agreement
    • Identifying points of leverage
    • Identifying barriers

    Day 2

      Negotiation Techniques

      • Appreciating the need for flexibility and sensitivity
      • Deciding on the negotiation team
      • Methods and ways for handling and overcoming negotiation deadlocks
      • Improving success when negotiating in a “crisis situations”
      • Practical solutions to integrated bargaining
      • Formalising the negotiation agreement
      • Understanding negotiation power
      • Constructive, Obstructive, Jumping, and Personal power (DECKS)

      Practical Session