Business Mentoring

1 day


Mentoring in the business environment is increasingly accepted as a professional and personal development tool. The objective of this course is to provide individuals with the skills required to enhance and stimulate individual learning and development process, in order to provide the following benefits:

  • Improve performance by enhancing morale, motivation and productivity
  • Increase individual value and connectivity
  • Promote acceptance and adaptation to change and transition
  • Achieve a balance between fulfilling organisational objectives and goals and personal development

Course Outline

Understanding Change

  • Exploring Needs
  • Establishing Motivation
  • Investigating Desires
  • Encouraging Commitment to Action
  • Developing Personal Growth

Promoting Development

  • Developing Personal Competencies
  • Creating Development Alliances
  • Avoiding Unproductive Dependencies
  • Identifying Achievable Goals
  • Personal Competence
  • Evaluating Outcomes
  • Objective Measures

Questioning Techniques

  • Facilitating Thought Processes
  • Identifying Solutions and Actions
  • Observing, Listening and Asking
  • Adopting a Positive Regard
  • Avoiding a Judgemental Attitude

Personal Skills

  • Knowledge and Understanding Processes
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Adopting Supportive Styles
  • Reserving Judgement!
  • Managing Relationships
  • Structuring and Measuring Performance Outcome

Practical Session