Management Skills

2 days


This intensive two-day workshop is designed to develop practical skills in managing others.

Who should attend

Any manager, team leader or supervisor who is responsible for the performance of others.

Course Outline

Leadership and Management

  • Differences between a Leader and a Manager
  • An overview of the activities of the busy Team Leader/Manager


  • What coaching is and its benefits
  • Coaching styles and their advantages
  • Own preferred coaching style
  • Appropriate questioning in coaching
  • Coaching process skill practice


  • Understanding delegation — responsibility and accountability
  • Benefits and barriers of effective delegation
  • 9 step process to effectively delegate tasks

Performance Management

  • Performance management in terms of ‘skill and will’
  • Strategies for team members with performance blockages
  • 3 steps to assertive behaviour to encourage staff to ‘give of their best’
  • Principles of effective task setting
  • S.M.A.R.T. model for setting tasks/performance objectives for staff
  • Communicating performance standards


  • Origins of the word ‘feedback’
  • Do’s and Don’ts of giving feedback
  • Importance of giving behavioural examplesl
  • Types of feedback
  • E.E.C. model for giving feedback on staff performance

Managing Poor Performers

  • When informal feedback doesn’t work
  • The concept of the performance counseling (p.c.) interview
  • Preparing for the p.c. interview
  • Structure of the interview
  • Handle difficult staff members at interview

Case Studies

  • A series of case studies that are typical of situations managers have to face in their everyday work. The case studies help bring the learning to life