Managing People

2 days


To develop and implement personal management skills by learning and practising ideas, concepts and techniques for managing yourself and others.

Skills Gained

  • Understanding good staff management
  • Relating responsibility to the needs of the business
  • Developing/enhancing managing teams and clients
  • Understanding and utilising the various types of management
  • Understand and utilise voice projection and variation
  • Presenting technical information in a non-technical manner
  • Absorb and organise information succinctly

Course Outline

Day 1

    Introduction to Management

    • The Myers-Briggs personality indicator
    • Positive visualisation
    • Management structures and theories
    • Roles, skills and objectives

    Objectives Planning and Implementation

    • Short and long-term planning
    • Defining objectives and creating strategies/goals
    • Designing work plans and schedules
    • Job design and allocation
    • Coaching and counselling
    • Personal and team development planning

    Day 2

      Client Management

      • Identifying and dealing with customers and clients
      • Initiating communication
      • Building relationships
      • Understanding client culture and requirements
      • Ensuring effective feedback

      Personal Management Skills

      • NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)
      • Types and situations of communication
      • Time management
      • Decision-making and problem solving
      • Influencing skills and techniques
      • Delegation and empowerment/objective>

      Practical Session