Facilitation Skills

1 day


The purpose of the Facilitation Skills training course is to provide delegates with the skills they require to improve group and team activities within the working environment. The facilitator’s role is designed to enable all participants of an assemblage to reach a satisfactory conclusion – a requirement more imperative in today’s complex world of business processes.

Course Outline

Day 1

    Understanding Facilitation

    • What is Facilitation?
    • The Facilitation Theory

    Identifying Facilitation Skills

    • Identifying the Main Obstacles to Successful Facilitation
    • Behavioural Criteria of a Good Facilitator
    • Examining the Task, People, and Process Interaction
    • Identifying the Facilitation Process
    • The Group Life Cycle
    • Individual Roles in a Group
    • The Role of the Facilitator

    Day 2

      Event Organisation

      • Agenda, Arrangements, Agree!
      • Introduction – Setting the Mood
      • Terms of Reference

      Meeting Management Skills

      • Multi-Directional Communication
      • NLP Indicators
      • Dialogue – Questions and Questioning Questions
      • Observation Tools


      • Understanding the Intervention Technique
      • Unblocking
      • Energy Flow – Maintaining Momentum
      • Conflict, Clarification, and Conciliation
      • Problem Members


      • Summary
      • Action Agendas
      • Evaluation – Timing and Benefits