Decision Making and Problem Solving

1 day


This course is intended to provide the delegate with an effective and reliable decision-making framework, and to identify appropriate methods of solving problems in complex environments.

Skills Gained

  • Effectiveness in identifying problems
  • Analysis and utilisation of thinking styles
  • Knowing how and why to seek disconfirming evidence
  • Appreciating benefits and risks in decision making
  • Pre-empting and preventing problems with a “solutions” strategy

Course Outline

Day 1

    Analysis Techniques

    • Identifying concerns and issues, causes and effects
    • Devising a decision-making framework
    • Listing considerations, alternatives, weighting

    Approach Identification and Modification

    • Understanding the thinking process
    • Conceptual reflective and visual thinking
    • Avoiding the entrapment bias
    • Disciplines in seeking contrary evidence to ensure accurate information-gathering techniques

    Day 2

      Decision Analysis

      • Agreeing practical objectives
      • Grading options, risks and issues
      • Over-viewing evaluation techniques
      • Swot analysis, decision trees, force field analysis pmi
      • Impact analysis

      Problem and Solutions Strategy

      • Cause and effect
      • Process steps
      • Preventative and contingent actions
      • Separating and prioritising issues
      • Evaluating choices and the consequences
      • Hindsight evaluation and benefits analysis

      Practical Session