Understanding the Appraisal Scheme

1 day


The aim of this course is to introduce staff to the objectives and benefits of performance appraisals,
by investigating the practical techniques and approaches that make appraisals successful, both as scheduled events and as ongoing outcomes.

Course Outline

Objective of Appraisals

  • You and the Company – let’s Make Money!
  • Strategies – Better People make Better Profits

Expectations of the Appraisal Scheme

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Motivating and Rewarding
  • Goal Setting
  • Looking to the Future


  • Identifying and Prioritising Objectives
  • Finding your Own Way
  • Aiming for a (Winning) Goal
  • SMART Talk – be Objective!
  • Individual Team-Playing
  • PPP – Personal Planning Principles

Practical Session