Technical report writing

This programme gives participants the skills to write clear technical documents, help them to organise information and, more importantly, communicate powerful ideas to support decision-making.

Key Objectives

  • identify your barriers and strengths when writing technical reports
  • explain the advantages of a systematic approach to writing technical reports
  • review the use of appropriate grammar, punctuation and plain English
  • recognise the necessity of avoiding the use of too many words, clichés and jargon
  • effectively plan a report with the appropriate level of detail required
  • research and prepare your report content in accordance with the exact needs of the reader
  • structure the report to ensure maximum impact and readability
  • recognise the reader’s preferred style and match the words to their style
  • critically review your own work

Course Content


  • Personal objectives for the course

The Basics

  • What is Technical Writing?
  • Setting the purpose of your writing
  • The importance of knowing your audience
  • Writing in plain English
  • Review of punctuation, grammar and spelling
  • Keeping your average sentence short
  • The use of jargon and reducing the number words and clichés.
  • What makes a good report?

Planning and Writing a report

  • The importance of the objective
  • Organising your ideas with Mind Mapping
  • Structuring ideas
  • Presenting your report professionally
  • Using Word to complete your report quickly
  • Identifying content
  • Identifying communication styles

Reviewing and Editing

  • Editing your report
  • Report writing practice
  • Completion of a personal action plan